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    Ece Seçkin - Dibine Dibine
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    Hande Yener - Beni Sev
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    Tarkan - Kedi Gibi
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    Bora Duran - Sana Doğru
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    Emrah Karaduman feat. Derya Uluğ - Sürgün Aşkımız
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    Edis - An
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    Feride Hilal Akın & İlyas Yalçıntaş - Şehrin Yolu
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    Tuğba Yurt - Yine Sev Yine
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    Yalın - Sensiz Ben Ne Olayım
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    Fettah Can - Aradığım Aşk

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Winter Park, Florida
With only two years of industry experience, hairdresser Alejandro Lopez (@artistic.aestheticss) is already making waves with his intricate designs, like these dreamcatcher braids. These days, the 20-year-old often uses wigs for his more detailed and complex creations. “It really lets me be as creative as I please without having to worry about time or having to stick with what someone else is wanting. I get complete freedom!” he says. #ThisWeekOnInstagram⁣

Photo by @artistic.aestheticss
Mother know best? According to model and new mom Ashley Graham (@ashleygraham), her mother — aka “Mama Graham” — really does.⁣

Ashley is using this time to soak up life’s lessons from the woman who taught her everything she knows... and good news for us, we get to hear them too. 🙌⁣

“One of my favorite parts about myself that my mother taught me was being able to find happiness in any situation. Thank you, Mama Graham.”⁣

So whether you are a mom, taking care of your mom or missing your mom, remember to slow down and #TakeABreak. You deserve it. 💞